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Télécom Foundation

Fondation Télécom, réseau actif pour l'avenir de la société numérique

Become a Donor 

Becoming a TEM Donor means:

  • Choosing to support the School that trained you
  • Taking action to support future generations of students and teachers
  • Engaging with TEM's values: Audacious, In search of excellence, Open, Responsible 

Eligible for the sponsorship tax scheme, all donations have two primary uses:

  • They give talented individuals access to the excellence of TEM training
  • They support development projects at the School aimed at increasing its competitiveness and appeal.



By supporting TEM, you could feature in the School's communications campaign, which highlights the success stories of our graduates. Their success is your success!

Committed to supporting TEM

Four TEM graduates have agreed to become TEM ambassadors as part of the Fondation Télécom 2016-2020 major fundraising campaign.

  • Adam Hamzawi, TEM 1997, Founder of Verticalis
  • Benjamin Haziza, TEM 2002, Senior Sales Specialist at Commerzbank AG 
  • Alexandre Zapolsky, TEM 2000, Founding CEO of Linagora 
  • Marie-Angès Laillier, TEM 1994, Chief of Staff at the Société Générale

TEM 2020 projects

You can make a donation to the project(s) of your choice. Here are some examples of our projects: 

  • Scholarships: helping talented individuals finance their studies at TEM and abroad.
  • Campus: supporting modernization and extension works at TEM in Evry, Paris and abroad. 
  • Entrepreneurship: supporting campus-affiliated start-ups and new entrepreneurial projects borne from the innovations incubator.
  • International: increasing TEM's international competitiveness. 
  • "Cadence": creating a unique educational platform centred on the creation of companies.
  • IS Lab: creating a hub of expertise and innovation on “Information Systems, organizing the future”, that is open to companies.

Find out more about fundraising at TEM 

Contact Tristan Horreaux, Manager for External Relations 

Tax relief 

  • 66% of your donation is income tax deductible (up to 20% of your taxable income)
  • 75% of your donation is deductible from your solidarity tax on wealth (up to €50,000 reduction)

The Télécom Foundation 

A government-recognized public-interest foundation, The Télécom Foundation contributes to the development and reach of the Télécom schools that make up the Institut Mines-Télécom. Backed by 52 partner companies and supported by over 1500 individual donors, the foundation supports training and research activities at the schools and encourages social diversity and entrepreneurship, helping our society rise to today’s major technological and societal challenges.