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Student Internship


The Integrated Master’s in Management (Grande Ecole) Program allows students to gain up to 21 months of professional experience by the end of the program:

  • mission in a company: three months minimum, at the end of the first year, to obtain initial responsibilities in the area of management;
  • a gap year (optional);
  • professional student internship: six months minimum, in the third year.

Gap Year

Students may choose to do a gap year in a company. The year-long internship takes place between the second and third year of the Integrated Master’s in Management (Grande Ecole) Program and lasts a minimum of 10 months. Its gives students the possibility to develop a significant professional experience.

"Télécom Ecole de Management gave us the essential tools to succeed our entry in professional life. After my first two years of studies in ICT, I was involved, during my gap year, in a communication campaign in Quebec. The experience gave me invaluable knowledge of work methods that today has allowed me to handle the demands of an active professional life in international business.”
Nicolas Gimel, student.


Students do all or part of the Master cycle under an apprenticeship contract. Upon obtaining their diploma, students have acquired 12 to 36 months of professional work experience.


Télécom Ecole de Management has created a Career Center, a pole to accompany students in developing their professional goals around three axes:

  • communication : individual interviews (skills assessment, advice and orientation, tutorials …), meetings with human resource experts and professional development staff;
  • knowledge of the job market: tools and professional communication techniques (resume writing, cover letters, job interviews), information on businesses and recruitment sessions;
  • self development: better know oneself, personality tests, skills evaluations, areas to improve.

Forums and meetings with business leaders/recruiters

Each year, Télécom Ecole de Management organizes on campus, dozens of meetings with companies and recruitment forums, including the Telecom Forum, one of the largest of its kind.

“I recruit every year one or two interns for their gap year. I get them involved in different projects, and student quality is excellent. The students have the required skills to rapidly integrate and work effectively in an existing team. They have initiative, autonomy and interpersonal skills...”
T.Valdant, Internet/Intranet and New Technologies Director at the Financing and Investment Bank at BNP Paribas

“We have proposed for many years long-term student internships to students at Télécom Ecole de Management. We have utmost confidence in giving them projects which call upon them to use the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies. The recruitment forum is an excellent opportunity to present our company mission in order to welcome and integrate new interns in the company.”
L.Frésart, TF1 Director for Human Resources

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