Managing through Technology
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  • 2018

Steering Committees


To support the majors on its Grande Ecole Program, Télécom Ecole de Management brings together a group of professionals, or a steering committee.

Each committee : 

  • defines the careers targeted by the course and the skills expected to have been acquired by the end of the program ;
  • approves the direction of the programs, based on the profession and its changes ; 
  • provides recommendations on the methods, tools and platforms that the course could draw on in its teaching ; 
  • facilitates contact between the school and profesionnal bodies and associations ; 
  • Offers projects, traineeships and job opportunities to students on the relevant courses.

To date, 10 of our programs have formed steering committees

Information System Auditing and Consulting (ACSI)

IT Systems Consulting and Management (CMSI)

IT Systems Engineering (ISI)


Engineering and International Affairs (IAI)

Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management (EMI)


Digital Marketing (MD)


Human Resources Digital Marketing (MDRH)


Strategic Management (MS)


Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects (PAM)


Information Systems for Market Finance (SIF)