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Smart Business Information Systems

Objectives of the research conducted within the team

Providing durable competitive advantages, the information system (IS) is recognized as a highly strategic element of every organization. Today, a new evolutionary process is at work: from now on, we are moving from organization 2.0, characterized by the social era of web 2.0 and its social networks, to organization 3.0, also referred to as "the intelligent organization", which is entwined with the advent of the Internet of Things and the knowledge and data economies. The SMART² research team is focused on this trajectory of organization transformation through the IS (from the traditional organization to the intelligent organization, by way of the socio-digital organization).

Scientific project

The central theme "information systems, information usage and digital transformation" can be broken down into three main topics:

Topic 1: Building IS artifacts (the science of conception)

Concepts, models, methods and technological solutions.

Topic 2: Usage of IS artifacts (the science of behavior)

Analysis of the way in which information technology and communication are used: acceptance, adoption and appropriation.

Topic 3: Management of IS artifacts (strategic management)

The management and governance of information systems within an organization: strategic alignment, value creation, performance measurement, resource management, risk management etc.


Information system, data governance, digital transformation, project management, crowdsourcing, e-administration, business models.

Télécom Ecole de Management researchers

  • Imed Boughzala (head)
  • Jacky Akoka
  • Saïd Assar
  • Marie Bia Figueiredo
  • Jean-Maurice Bruneau
  • Olfa Chourabi
  • Nabyla Daidj 
  • Mondher Feki
  • Chantal Morley
  • Daniel Lang
  • Michel Maurice-Demourioux
  • Thierno Tounkara

External researchers

  • Samuel Fosso Wamba
  • Sana Rouis Skandrani

Doctoral students

  • Florian Baudry
  • Imen Ben Hamouda 
  • Emily Henriette
  • Jia-Yi He
  • Mahda Garmaki 
  • Manuel Mondésir-Rouanet 
  • Jihane Khayoussef 
  • Anuragini Shirish 
  • Pascal Latouche
  • Margaux Riou 
  • Abderrazak Tidjani
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