Managing through Technology
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  • 2018

Representations and Uses of Digital Devices

Objectives of the research conducted by the team

In keeping with the school’s status as a public institution and its aim to train responsible, globally–minded managers, the Research Group RUN has adopted a critical, situated approach to the societal challenges of the digital transition with an emancipatory intent. Emancipation can be understood as the capacity for both individuals and social groups to free themselves from dependency and control.

Two research topics are given particular focus

Topic 1 : Uses, applications and representations of digital devices

Keywords : social usage, social and professional practices, representations, knowledge and skills, gender, ecology.

Topic 2 : Socioanthropology of technical usage

Keywords : philosophy, human and social sciences, political sciences, anthropology.

Télécom Ecole de Management researchers

  • Gérard Dubey
  • Claudine Guerrier
  • Fabrice Flipo
  • Carmen Gordon-Nogalès
  • Martina McDonnell
  • Carl Storz
  • Laure Chotel
  • Katherine Maillet
  • Chantal Morley

Associate researchers

  • Patrick Cingolani
  • Jules Falquet
  • Thierry Pillon
  • Xavier Guchet
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