Managing through Technology
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Objectives of the research conducted within the team

The objective of the Knowledge, Innovation and Network Dynamics research group is to study the dynamics of innovation, particularly in relation to notions of knowledge and networks. The main areas of research focus on information and communication technologies (ICTs), green ICTs, open-source software, the production and diffusion of knowledge as well as the implications for private life linked to mass utilization of data. The methods used are simultaneously quantitative (econometrics, valuations of licenses, simulations, statistics...) and qualitative (case studies, historic cases, interviews...).

Scientific project: France Brevets, ANR (French National Research Agency)

Studies are conducted into six main themes :

  • The modular organization of innovation, open innovation, inter- and intra-organizational networks
  • Financing and valorization of innovation
  • The trajectories of firms and industries
  • Technological catch-up and the role of networks
  • Eco-innovation
  • The economics of private life


Networks, eco-innovation, knowledge, dynamics, relationships, green ICTs, patents and trademarks, the economics of private life

Télécom Ecole de Management researchers

  • Michel Berne 
  • Sanditov Bulat
  • Marie Carpenter
  • Grazia Cecere
  • Cédric Gossart
  • Charlotte Krychowski
  • Muge Ozman
  • Donia Trabelsi
  • Pierre Vialle

Doctoral students

  • Zakaria Traore
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