Managing through Technology
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Etudiants, Télécom Ecole de Management

Télécom Ecole de Management has a network of 120 partner universities covering all five continents. Its partner institutions accept exchanges from the Integrated Master’s in Management (Grande Ecole) Program for stays of four months or more.

Télécom Ecole de Management opens 1 offshore campus

Télécom Ecole de Management increases its internationalisation with the creation of 1 offshore campus at Virginia Tech (United-States). In 2014, students could study into this new campus during 3 months from the second year.

10 double-diploma programs

Carte des universités partenaires de Télécom Ecole de ManagementFor some exchanges, it is possible to obtain a double-diploma. Today Télécom Ecole de Management has 15 double diploma programs with the following universities :

  • TEC de Monterrey, campus de Guadalajara (Mexique)
  • ITAM (Mexico)
  • Virginia Tech (USA)
  • Clark University (USA)
  • Suffolk University (USA)
  • Bradford (Great Britain)
  • KAIST (South Korea)
  • Asian Institute of Technology (Thaïland)

Multicultural Campus

A campus with an international experience guaranteed:

  • More than 50 different nationalities;
  • 30% foreign students in the programs Integrated Master's in Management, English Track, Master of Science and Summer School 
  • 30% foreign-born faculty.
  • Learning globalization

Each student in the Integrated Master’s in Management (Grande Ecole) Program must learn two foreign languages to obtain the diploma. The foreign languages offered include Arabic, English, German, Italian,  Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and French as a foreign language.

Thanks to the English Track, students may study entirely in English their second and third years. The English track offers students many international case studies in Managerial Economics, International Comparative Accounting, Understanding Globalization…