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Ethics, Technologies, Humans, Organizations, Society

Objectives of the research conducted within the team

The transdisciplinary aim of the "Ethics, Technologies, Humans, Organizations, Society" (ETHOS) research team seeks to articulate the various approaches used in management sciences, human and social sciences, political sciences and linguistics in order to question the development of organizations and hyper-modern societies in the light of their numerous ethical, social and human challenges.

Scientific project

Three research topics are given particular focus

  • Topic 1: Ethics and the digital society

Digital technologies permit individuals to open up to new forms of social interaction and enrollment within public sphere; this topic tends to question the changes which such technologies engender from a socio-ethical perspective.

  • Topic 2: Ethical and human issues within organizations

Based on the premise that organizations are above all human and social constructs, the research focusing on this topic studies organizations using a humanist approach, open to reflexiveness, recognition of the other and the multiple voices and languages which find expression within and around companies.

  • Topic 3: Aesthetics, design and the search for meaning

The research surrounding this topic observes data design, aesthetic experiences, museum strategies, performative effects, films, theatres or new media, as much with regard to the affective reactions they produce as their political impact and the configuration of the imaginary.


Ethics, law, network, digital society, usages, dematerialization, ecology, security, private life, norms, culture, organization, critical approaches, genre, deontology, aesthetics.

Télécom Ecole de Management researchers

  • Pierre-Antoine Chardel & Jean-Luc Moriceau (heads)
  • Loréa Baïada-Hirèche
  • Emmanuel Baudoin
  • Shirley Carter-Thomas
  • Philippe Castelnau
  • Ghislaine Garmilis
  • Charles Egert
  • Yannick Fronda
  • Armen Khatchatourov
  • Bhumika Gupta
  • Jennifer Malet
  • Gabriel Périès
  • Zhengshi Song
  • Robert Voyer

Associate researchers

  • Ritta Baddoura-Gaugler
  • Jean-Marc Salmon
  • Thibault de Swarte
  • Richard Soparnot
  • Isabela Paes

Doctoral students

  • Saliha Benchikh
  • Longmei Xing
  • El Mostafa Bouyahia
  • Edgar Lejeune 
  • Paul White
  • Flavia Farias
  • Agathe François 
  • Kalynka Cruz
  • Casyraguy Kazadi
  • Anaïs Djouad 
  • Manal Aloui
  • Azza Bchir
  • Medine Zidani 
  • Jeayaram Subramanian 
  • Diego Guidi
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