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"From Digital to Analog"

Benjamin Bejbaum, former CEO of Dailymotion et co-founder of ArtDB ArtDB invites you to join him at our next Master Class, from 6.30pm to 8pm on Wednesday, 17 May 2017, at Remix Coworking (Paris 10). He will be speaking about his entrepreneurial experience as co-founder of Dailymotion. He will address the difficulties/successes encountered as an entrepreneur in a technological environment where digital faces off against analog.


About Benjamin Bejbaum


Benjamin Bejbaum is a French entrepreneur, former CEO of Dailymotion and co-founder of ArtDB.

At age 24, he developed a passion for information technology and started to study the field at night, on his home computer, where he installed Linux distributions.

In partnership with Bruno Williams and Karim Gassama, he launched Lecybervillage in 1999, a Paris cybercafé, website publisher and multimedia solution provider.

In 2000, along with Gilles Brumberg and Samanta Novella, he founded Iguane Studio, a website design and hosting company, that would enable him to build the technical infrastructure necessary for creating Dailymotion.

In March 2005, he co-founded Dailymotion with Olivier Poitrey, first known as Dailymotion was the world’s very first free-of-charge hosting site for video with server-side automated encryption where users did not have to worry about the format of their videos. At that time Vimeo was the only other video sharing site but users had to know how to encode their video before being able to upload it.

In 2009, after founding Dailymotion, Benjamin founded ArtDB with Christophe Camborde and Yannick Lacastaigneratte, co-founders of Steek.

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