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The Chairs

The chairs

Research is essential to Télécom Ecole de Management. That is why university lecturers and researchers share their work throughout different research chairs.

Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair 

The Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair (SOSN), carried by Télécom Ecole de Management for three years (2015-2018), is composed of multidisciplinary researchers (marketing, computer science). SOSN works on the problematics of social networks and smart objects on our society. The Chair is led by Christine Balagué, Head of Social Networks Chair at TEM (2011-2014) and researcher at Télécom Ecole de Management.

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Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair 

The Chair Values and Policies of Personal Information was launched by the Institut Mines Télécom in April 2013. The Chair aims to help companies, citizens and public authorities in their reflection on the collection, use and sharing of personal information, such as information about individuals (their personal lives, their professional activities, their digital identities, their contributions on social networks, etc.) including those collected by smart objects that surround them (smartphones, smart meters, etc ...)

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Big Data & Market Insights Chair

Big Data and Market Insights Chair aims to develop new solutions in the treatment and the analysis of Big Data owned by companies and found through the Internet, to finally develop new marketing applications and to improve the service offered to the consummer. For five years, the Chair will allow industrial partners to stimulate their efforts in R&D to develop an expertise of Big Data « Made in France »...

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