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Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair

With the arrival of smart objects, a new digital society is emerging. But what these objects and their associated services will actually bring? Who will use them and what will be their purpose? In order to answer these questions, Télécom Ecole de Managemetn is launching a new Chair "Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair" in partnership with SEB Group and Huawei. 

The Chair is led by Christine Balagué, a Telecom Ecole de Management faculty member and Vice-President of the French National Digital Council and author of numerous books on digital technologies and social networks. 

Smart objects and innovative services analysed by the SOSN Chair 

Télécom Ecole de Management's new "Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair" is focused on the analysis of the new networks oh humans and objects. Between 2015 and 2018, a team of researchers from different disciplines, particularly IT Marketing and Computer Sciences, in partnership with SEB Group and Huawei. The SOSN Chair will work in 4 major research areas to better understand the interaction between users and smart objects: 

  • Consumer behavior using smart/smart objects
  • User Experience Design in a multi-device environment<
  • Social Internet of Things 
  • Cultural diversity and smart objects 

A few words from the Chair holder and the partners


Christine Balagué, Director of the SOSN Chair: "There are new networks linking humans and machines, and smart objects are central to them. These networks will only be relevant if they evolve within a wider context of collective intelligence. The technology is there, the range of possibilities is immense, but many obstacles limiting adoption remain, and most of today’s objects have only been used for a few months. The challenges facing the Chair are to understand the factors of adoption and appropriation as well as the experience of the users of smart object networks, and to establish a framework for developing innovative services."

"Digital technology development is a major focus for the SEB Group. It allows us to offer smart products and new services to our consumers. The digitalisation of our product range therefore implies new skills and sharing of expertise, things that result in particular from our open innovation approach. This is why the Group wanted to become involved in Telecom School of Management's Social Networks and Smart Objects Chair", Harry Touret, Managing Director of Human Resources and Deputy Managing Director of the SEB Group

"Huawei provides consumers with innovative smart devices. People’s usage and behaviour and the consideration of different cultures are elements of paramount importance to providing real value to the user. The results expected from this Chair combined with the work undertaken by the Huawei Paris Center of Expertise which studies technologies related to smart interactions will allow us to anticipate the future needs and uses of the consumer, thus giving Huawei a competitive advantage in this industry", Franck Lamouroux, Director of Huawei's Mobile Broadband and Home Device Center of Expertise. 

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