Managing through Technology
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  • 03.
  • 2018

Bachelor's Program

The originality of the Telecom Business School Bachelor’s program lies in a broad-based curriculum of a high standard and the presence of the engineering school Telecom SudParis on its campus, allowing a complete training in new technologies.You must be able to speak French to follow this program.

First and Second Years of the Program

General Knowledge and Humanities

  • Oral and written communication,
  • Sociology, anthropology, psychology,
  • Art history,
  • Communication sciences…

Economics and Management

  • Accounting, tax system,
  • Financial analysis and mathematics,
  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Law,
  • Marketing, sales
  • Market studies…

New Technology Tools

  • Office tools,
  • Programing,
  • Graphic tools and photos,
  • Unix,
  • Web tools,
  • Databases...

Foreign Languages

  • English,
  • Second foreign language - compulsory
  • Third foreign language - optional.

Third Year of the Program

  • Academic exchange (one semester) and end-of-study internship (one semester)
  • Expert Program delivering a CPD Diploma in Digital Marketing & Communication Management from Dublin Institute of Technology.