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Associations and Clubs

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Over 60 student associations and clubs exist on campus. Shared with Telecom SudParis, student associations and clubs cover a wide range of activities: sports, culture, entertainment, economics, charities, science/technology ... Student government (the BDE (Bureau des Elèves) in French), is responsible for managing all student associations and clubs. Its budget is the fourth highest in all of France.

Telecom Business School encourages all students to participate in these rich and dynamic extra curricular activities on campus.  Participation brings many benefits, including on-hand management skills:

  • By preparing students for their professional life thanks to skills developed in managing projects and communicating with others.
  • By favouring group projects where students acquire team spirit.
  • By encouraging personal development.
  • By offering the possibility to develop one’s professional project.


  • ASINT, the sports association on campus allows students to practice numerous sports (soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, handball, boxing, etc.) and to participate in competitions and inter-school tournaments: Toss (multi sports competition with Supelec), French Management School Cup,  Intertelecom Tournament, etc.
  • DolphINT: sailing association, regattas, cruises …
  • Xtreme: the association “Raid” brings together all marathoners (long, short, trail, etc.).


  • Theater Club: organizes student plays at the local Agora theatre, which is nationally known.
  • Music Club Sing’INT: on-campus choir.
  • Litige: theatrical festival among all the “Grandes Ecoles”.
  • Emoty’S: each year, this association writes, composes and stages a musical.


Other associations on campus:

  • EquiTerre offers students to develop fair trade at an international level.
  • Evry One the second student radio station in France, emits an FM band from its own on-campus studio.
  • AIESEC is the biggest student association in the world. It has offices in more than 100 countries and 60 years of experience. It allows students to discover and develop their potential internationally.
  • Sprint is the Junior Entreprise on campus. It engages in studies and other consulting projects for large companies.
  • INT’aide helps local elementary school and junior high school students academically.
  • Forum organizes every year the Telecommunications Forum, one of the biggest recruitment forums in France which brings together over 100 companies and receives over 4500 visitors.