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Etudiants de Télécom Ecole de Management, devant le forum

Apprenticeship offer students the possibility to alternate their studies between school and work. As of the second year, students may choose this option. As an apprentice, a student acquires concrete professional experience and obtains the status of an employee and its inherent advantages.

Apprenticeship's benefits 

There are several benefits with apprenticeship:


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The student reaches the heart of a company which it allows him to : 

  • perceive an attractive salary,
  • take advantages offered by the collective bargaining agreement of the company (bonuses, social advantages) 
  • get a formation entirely paid by the company 

Occupational integration

Etudiants Télécom Ecole de Management

  • good knowledge of the world of work
  • acquisition of a valuable professional experience with the support of a tutor from the host company and an informative tutor from the school,
  • enforcement of the knowledge acquired at school on specific and concrete cases,
  • quick access to employment.

Build your own network

The host company will allow the student to take part to :

  • symposium,
  • specific fairs
  • and meetings,

that offer the opportunity to develop his skills. The company can also entrust specific missions to its apprentice.

Apprenticeship as of the second year (M1 level)

Choosing the apprenticeship program as of the second year involves two different academic cycles each covering 12 months:

  • 1st cycle;
  • 3 weeks of courses/ 3 weeks in a company;
  • 2nd cycle;
  • 1 semester with 3 weeks of courses/ 3 weeks in a company;
  • 1 semester abroad but not as an apprentice.

Apprenticeship in M2

Some specializations of the Integrated Master's in Management (Grande Ecole) Program (M2) are open to the apprenticeship. This process is intended for students who followed the first year of the program and who do not have any delay in the obtention of their credits. The validation of an international experience is necessary.

The program (M2) covers a 12 month cycle with 3 weeks in a company/ 1 week of courses.

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