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Microcognitive Analysis

  • Length : 24 hours (4 days)
  • Dates : 7, 8, 9 et 10 June 2016 (Date limite d’inscription : 15 février 2016)
  • Schedule : 9 :30-5 :30pm
  • Place : Télécom Paristech, Paris 
  • Contact :
  • Number of participants : 5 to 20


Claire Petitmengin is professor of Cognitive Sciences at Mines-Telecom Institute (Télécom EM). Her research is in the methods enabling us to describe the microdynamics of our cognitive processes, and the managerial, educational, technological, medical and artistic applications of these methods.

Course objective

The course is aimed at mastering the elicitation interview, a method enabling the researcher to collect fine-grained descriptions of the lived experience associated with a given cognitive process (such as decision-making), with a (managerial, artistic, sportive) expertise, or with the use of a technology (such as driving or finding information on the web), with the following objectives:
  • Design objective: acquire a finer understanding of the cognitive process or expertise in order to optimize the design of tools able to support them;
  • Diagnostic objective: understand the causes of a cognitive difficulty, assess the adaptation of the technology to the user, or its impact on the cognitive process which is supported.

Detailed content

  • Experience and its satellite dimensions 
  • Evocation (or vivid memory) of the past situation
  • Abstract and embodied utterance position 
  • The various dimensions of experience 
  • Fragmentation of the temporal course of experience 
  • Relational aspects of the interview
  • Elements of auto-elicitation
  • Designing an experiential protocol
  • Elements of analysis of the interviews


Attach to the application for registration a few lines describing the use that will be made of the interview method in the context of thesis project. 
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