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Master Class: Publish an article during your PhD…

21 March – 25 April – 20 May – 10 June 2016 - Telecom Ecole de Management - 9.30-12.30 – 14.00-17.00

Publishing an article during the doctoral period is increasingly required, and enhances the chance to find a position sooner after the defense. But an article is of a different genre than the thesis dissertation, and is sometimes seen as consuming too much time out of the thesis writing. Thorough group discussion and a series of deadlines will help progressing fastly while learning the trade of article writing. This seminar will not expose the canon of an academic article (which is the objective of the seminar: writing research article - structure and strategies) but to supervise doctorate students in the writing of a specific article out of their thesis research.
A group of eight eager students will be coached and will have an article ready for being sent to an academic review. A series of four one-day sessions are devoted to the progression from the initial idea to the completed text. After very short theoretical inputs, group discussions with the help of two coaches will help foster and develop the articles. On coach follows the whole seminar, while the second changes each session in order to vary feedbacks and advice.
Each session has to be preceded by personal work and the sending of a text to the group. Beware that this seminar will require an important personal workload.
Selection of candidates: Eight students will be selected on the base of a 10 – 30 line presentation of their project. Priority will be given to students belonging to UPSay’s SHS doctoral school, in their second or third year of research, and to projects in management, economics and secondly social sciences. Students writing a thesis-by-articles are not eligible for this seminar.
Participation is free. To apply, please send your project (10 – 20 lines) to, deadline: Friday 11 March.
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