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Economic, Strategic and Marketing Perspectives on Innovation

25 – 29 January 2016

Le design de la recherche

A considerable literature has accumulated on the subject of innovation, which is widely seen as the basis of a competitive economy. This literature includes evidence that competitive success is dependent upon an organization’s management of the innovation process and proposes factors that relate to successful management of the innovation process. It has also become tough to get consumers to adopt innovations--and it's getting tougher all the time. That's because more and more markets are taking on the characteristics of networks. The interconnections among today's companies are so plentiful that often a new product's adoption by one player depends on its systematic adoption by other players. 

The seminar we propose aims to provide a vision on various aspects of research in innovation economics of innovation, strategic thinking, and taking account of consumers.

Content of the seminar 

Eight major topics regarding Economics, Strategy and Marketing of Innovation will be studied during the week. 


  • Diffusion and Adoption of innovation: How economists model the diffusion process 
  • Economics of Patents 
  • Market structure, Competition and successful Innovation 

Strategy / Management 

  • Strategic management of innovation networks, 
  • Knowledge management in the context of cooperative business strategies, 
  • From Invention to Innovation: absorptive capacity of the firm; the role played by business models to capture the economic value from an invention, 


Integrating the voice of consumers in innovation

NB: Doctorate students from UPSay’s SHS pole will be given priority, but students from other doctorate schools are welcome within the limitations of available places (on a total of 20)  

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