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Digital capabilities for corporate innovation


Stefan Lindegaard, co-founder and CEO of Transform XO will lead our next Masterclass on Thursday 27th April.

The Masterclass

You don't need a digital strategy, Just a strategy in a digital world!

  • Understand the dynamics of digitalization, new approaches to innovation and the impact of industry transformation
  • Take the first steps to enable your organization to listen, adapt, experiment and execute better than your competitors
  • Develop your digital compass and build strong networking skills with a digital focus
  • Understand the power of ecosystems for innovation and learn how to get started

About the speaker

Come and meet Stefan Lindegaard

StefanStefan Lindegaard is a Copenhagen-based author, speaker, strategic advisor and entrepreneur. 

His focus on corporate transformation, digitalization and innovation management based on leadership, the work force and organizational structures has propelled him into being a trusted source of inspiration to many large corporations, government organizations and smaller companies around the world.

In his role as a strategic advisor and coach, Stefan Lindegaard provides external perspectives and practical advice for executives and their corporate transformation, digitalization and innovation teams. He is a widely respected writer and he has written several books including The Open Innovation Revolution published globally. You can follow his work on LinkedIn Pulse.

Most recently, Stefan Lindegaard is the co-founder and CEO of Transform XO – a thought leadership driven accelerator with a special focus on digital capabilities for corporate innovation. You can read more on Transform XO.

Practical Information

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Thursday 27th April from 2:00pm to 5:00pm

at Remix coworking :

24 Cour des Petites Écuries

75010 Paris

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